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How to Prepare for Law Entrance?

Law schools seek a diverse first-year class, and this includes diversity in coursework and in the major. Law Entrance Exams are looking for both breadth and depth of study. Even though law schools have no specific course requirements for admission, a number of areas merit special attention.

Law schools look for evidence that you have developed skills which are among the most useful and necessary for law students and lawyers.

Writing Skills:

Writing is an essential part of the lawyer's craft. A firm understanding of the rules of grammar, a clear writing style, and strong organizational skills are essential. Lawyers must express themselves clearly and concisely in written and oral communication.

Interpersonal Communication Skills:

Effective communication requires a well-developed ability to speak clearly and convincingly. Just as importantly, it requires a particularly strong ability to listen accurately. Such skills are also important in law school where many classes are interactive, and professors may consider the quality of class participation when evaluating students.

Classes which require in-depth classroom discussion will help you develop the ability to articulate your ideas and to listen critically to what others are trying to communicate.

Humanities and Social Sciences:

A good lawyer understands the relationship between individuals and institutions. Lawyers must understand the evolution of law and society and foresee possible changes. Some of the relevant courses can nurture this understanding.

Analytical Skills:

The practice and study of law require logical thought processes. The necessity of critical thinking in the actual practice of law should be evident. Attorneys are constantly challenged to apply existing law to ever-changing factual circumstances and to challenge opposing arguments. In addition, the development of critical and analytical thinking skills will also help you for the Law Entrance Exams.


There is an obvious and very real overlap between business and law. Many law students find a basic understanding of economics helpful, especially in courses stressing an economic approach to legal analysis. As a result, you should prepare yourself by taking at least an introductory economics course. The goal is to develop an understanding of the language of business and economics.

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