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Bradley Clough’s Academic Accomplishments

Bradley Clough distinguished himself throughout his education in religious studies. During his time at St. Lawrence University, he graduated in 1982 with honors, specifically cum laude. In addition, he obtained his Master of Philosophy from Columbia University in 1992 with honors. During his time at Columbia, he also earned the Teaching and Presidents Fellowships.

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The Teaching Reputation of Bradley Clough

Even though Bradley Clough enjoys conducting research and contributing to academic journals, he mostly enjoys teaching young people about Asian religions and traditions. His students enjoy his classes, noting the safe environment he provides for education. According to the students, Clough puts genuine care in every aspect of his classes, from lectures to feedback.

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Bradley Clough Was an Associate Professor at University of Montana Until 2019

Bradley Clough’s most recent position was as an Associate Professor of Global Humanities and Religions at The University of Montana. His research involved the study of Buddhist history and philosophy as practiced in Sri Lanka and India. In addition, Clough taught courses about ancient and modern religion in Asia.

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