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Bill De Leon Shares His Fitness Tips

Bill De Leon has worked very hard throughout his life and achieved a lot. He has had a very successful career and has accomplished a lot in his life. Though, due to work taking up majority of his time and keeping him mostly busy he wasn’t able to work out as much and as often as he would have liked to. Now that he is retired he is again in the pursuit of fitness and is dedicating a lot of time in an attempt to lose the extra weight that he has put on and reach the peak of health. He has been working out on and off throughout his life so possesses in depth knowledge and vast experience on how to go about losing weight.

Sharing his fitness tips, Bill De Leon states that in order to achieve the best possible results in the quickest possible time one has to maintain a good balance of proper diet, cardio, and weight training. Many people make the mistake of over focusing on one of these aspects and ignoring the other two and then get disappointed with their lack of progress. He further adds that while attempting to lose weight one should eat fewer calories than one spends and then back this up with a rigorous cardio routine of at least 30 minutes sessions three times a week. Adding weight training to your routine is important as it is necessary from the perspective of strength and muscle health especially for people who are older.

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