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Order of multiple "rescue_from" statements might be unexpected

Take care when using rescue_from to rescue multiple errors.

The following will not work, because later rescue_from statements take precedence and so the first one will never be called:

rescue_from AccessDenied, :with => :redirect_to_home
rescue_from Exception, :with => :render_500

Simply reverse them.

Use Nokogiri to convert CSS to XPath

CSS is a lot easier to write and read than clumsy XPath expressions. So when you need to use XPath, you can have Nokogiri help you out on creating it.

Simply use Nokogiri's xpath_for:

>> Nokogiri::CSS.xpath_for('#foo')
=> ["//*[@id = 'foo']"]
>> Nokogiri::CSS.xpath_for('#foo .bar:nth-of-type(2)')
=> ["//*[@id = 'foo']//*[contains(concat(' ', @class, ' '), ' bar ') and position() = 2]"]

Since XPath is more powerful you may still need to do some hardcore XPath hacking eventually. But at least you don't need to for simple c…

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How much should I refactor?

The Rails community has been abuzz with object-oriented programming, SOLID principles, laws, design patterns, and other principles, practices, and patterns. We’ve (re)discovered new tools and techniques to separate and reuse logic, making code easier to test, understand, and maintain. Now that we’ve learned about all these new tools, when do we use them?

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Using ENUMs with Rails - See John Code

This sounds promising:

The best part from the Rails side, is that you don’t have to change anything at all in your code to swap a varchar out for an ENUM.

Calendar quarter calculations in Ruby and MySQL

ActiveSupport >= 3 has

Date.parse('2011-02-10').beginning_of_quarter #=> 2011-01-01
Date.parse('2011-02-10').end_of_quarter #=> 2011-03-31

You can manually calculate the quarter index like

(Date.parse('2011-02-10').month / 3.0).ceil #=> 3

MySQL has

SELECT QUARTER('2011-02-10'); #=> 1

Mysql/Mysql2 agnostic database.yml

If you upgrade to the mysql2 gem, you will run into the problem that the server's database.yml (which is usually not under version control) needs to change exactly on deploy.

You can however make your database.yml work for mysql and mysql2 at the same time. Simpy do this

   adapter: <%= defined?(Mysql2) ? 'mysql2' : 'mysql' %>
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GNOME3 Notifications For Skype ~ Web Upd8: Ubuntu / Linux blog

  • Also works on Gnome 2
  • Much prettier than Skype notifications
  • Better visibility

LibreOffice won't embed most fonts into PDFs (with fix)

Note: There's more to it than this card says. All we know right now is that sometimes PDFs generated by LibreOffice don't render properly on some machines, with e.g. characters appearing as dots. We don't know if the font is to blame, or LibreOffice, or particular versions of LibreOffice.

LibreOffice Impress: Distorted text letters in presentation mode

Upgade to LibreOffice 3.5.3+ or disable hardware accelleration in Tools → Options → LibreOffice → View → Graphic output.

Show hint in HTML 5 text fields

To have your text input field pre-filled in with some text that disappears as soon as the user selects it, use the attribute placeholder:

<input type="text" placeholder="User name here">

This will only work in recent browsers (IE >= 10, FF >= 4, Chrome >= 4, Safari >= 5, Opera >= 11.6).

External content - AJAX loading GIF and APNG spinners, bars and 3D animations generator

Generated animations are free to use without backlink obligations…

… WITH THE EXCEPTION of any other animated images generator applications

Haha :)

Security fixes for Rails 2.3

Last week saw a security issue with rails 2.3 that required a fix. While an official patch was provided, the 2.3 branch is no longer maintained. So we forked it.

(I'm sure there are already 100 other forks doing absolutely the same, but they are not very easily discoverable.)

To use our fork, change the gem "rails"... line in your Gemfile to this:

gem 'rails', :git => '', :branch => '2-3-fixes'

The intent is to make as few changes to the f…

Do not use "find" on Capybara nodes from an array

In a nutshell: Capybara's find will not work properly on nodes from a list. Don't find on elements from a list.


Consider this HTML:

<div class="message">
  <h2>Hello World</h2>
  Lorem ipsum...
<div class="message">
  <h2>Hello Universe</h2>
  Lorem ipsum...

Now let's say you obtain a list of all such message containers as an array:

messages = page.all('.message')

And then you look at their titles like this:

=> "Hello W...

Rails 2's CookieStore produces invalid cookie data, causing tests to break

Note that this seems to affect only recent Rails 2 versions.

You will not encounter this until you are writing to the cookie more than once, but when doing so, integration tests (Cucumber) may break for you with this error:

You have a nil object when you didn't expect it!
You might have expected an instance of ActiveRecord::Base.
The error occurred while evaluating nil.[] (NoMethodError)


The regular/short cucumber backtrace is not of any help but looking at the full trace reveals that ActionPack's `actio…

CSS3 Media Queries have reached recommendation status

Media Queries have reached W3C Recommendation on June 19th 2012.

If you were interested in other (future) web standards you can have a look at recent W3C publications.

Updated: Puppet 2.6.x on Ubuntu lucid 10.04

New way to install an actual puppet version on ubuntu

Trouble changing filename casing in git

On case-insensitive file systems like Mac's HFS+ (per default – you may change this, but it won't work for all programs), git won't recognize when you change the casing of files in your repository.


git mv -f
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Skype 4.0 for Linux

Promises unified window for all chat conversations, better call quality.

Upgrade seems to work fine. If you installed your old skype from a Ubuntu repository, you need to remove it first using:
sudo apt-get remove skype
Then simply install the .deb from the official page. You won't lose any settings.

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