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Security fixes for Rails 2.3

Last week saw a security issue with rails 2.3 that required a fix. While an official patch was provided, the 2.3 branch is no longer maintained. So we forked it.

(I'm sure there are already 100 other forks doing absolutely the same, but they are not very easily discoverable.)

To use our fork, change the gem "rails"... line in your Gemfile to this:

gem 'rails', :git => '', :branch => '2-3-fixes'

The intent is to make as few changes to the f…

The asset pipeline does not like files that look like fingerprints

If you have a file that looks like a precompilation fingerprint, the Rails asset pipeline will not see it. So don't have filenames like this:

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Solve Flash performance issues in Ubuntu

The linked article describes how to use a Firefox addon "Flash-Aid" to install a better build of Flash and apply some optimizations.

With this I can now properly watch fullscreen HD videos under Ubuntu.

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Top 7 Myths about HTTPS | HttpWatch Blog

Myth #5 (Each HTTPS Site Needs its Own Public IP Address) is actually still true, but the rest of the article is worth reading.

Browser Standards progress: CSS filter property

Some progress was made by browsers on implementing CSS filters like blur, greyscale or some other effects. You might already know the legacy CSS filter attribute that old IE versions used to perform DirectX transformations. Luckily these legacy filters are removed in IE10. The good news is, newest WebKit-based browsers like Chrome (18.0+) Safari and Mozilla Firefox expe…

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Skype 4.0 for Linux

Promises unified window for all chat conversations, better call quality.

Upgrade seems to work fine. If you installed your old skype from a Ubuntu repository, you need to remove it first using:
sudo apt-get remove skype
Then simply install the .deb from the official page. You won't lose any settings.

Updated: Helpers to render (money) amounts

  • The amount helper now retrieves the decimal separator from your I18n dictionary (number.format.separator) instead of hardcoding it to a comma.
  • money_amount helper tunnels options to amount
  • New money_amount option :zero_as_dash

Geordi: Use load-dump script to source a database dump into your database

This script loads a dump into your development database.

You can provide the full path to you database dump like this:

load-dump path/to/my.dump

When you call load-dump without any arguments it will show a menu with all dumps in your ~/dumps/ folder.


This script is part of our geordi gem on github.

External content wildcard DNS for everyone is a magic domain name that provides wildcard DNS for any IP address. Say your LAN IP address is Using,

   resolves to   resolves to   resolves to   resolves to

…and so on. You can use these domains to access virtual hosts on your development web server from devices on your local network, like iPads, iPhones, and other computers.

Use ActiveSupport autoloading outside of Rails

The following code activates autoloading using ActiveSupport 3.x:

require 'active_support'
require 'active_support/dependencies'
relative_load_paths = %w[app/controllers app/models]
ActiveSupport::Dependencies.autoload_paths += relative_load_paths
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jQuery Tag Cloud

TagCanvas is a Javascript class which will draw and animate a HTML5 canvas based tag cloud.

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Introspect the Ruby Heap by indexing, counting, locating references to and detaching (in order to release) objects.

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Responsive Inspiration

A collection of inspirational websites using media queries and responsive web design. Curated by Eivind Uggedal (@uggedal).

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Why you should never use hash functions for message authentication

Read the linked article together with this reply to get an appreciation for why it's a bad idea to roll your own crypto protocol.

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Loading half a billion rows into MySQL

Some advice for bulk loading many records into InnoDB and finishing before the sun burns out. Use with care.

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How to search for large messages in Thunderbird

You can search for large messages by folder or by your entire email account.

Useful to reduce your mailbox size with a few deletions.

Linux: How to add a task bar to VNC displays

If you are using VNC to run Selenium tests, it may be hard to see what's going on since by default there is no list of open windows and Alt+Tab won't work.

Solving that is easy:

  1. Install a panel of your choice (like lxpanel) which offers task switching:
    sudo apt-get install lxpanel
    (You can't use gnome-panel because it won't start twice – but lxpanel does a good job)

  2. To have that panel appear on VNC screens by default, edit ~/.vnc/xstartup and…

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