Calling bundle update (without arguments) updates all your gems at once. Given that many gems don't care about stable APIs, this will break your application in a million ways. Don't do it.


There seems to be no way to use therubyracer -v '0.11.4' and libv8 -v '' on OS X Mavericks.

However, running bundle update therubyracer worked for me. It installed `therubyracer -v …

pngquant is a command-line utility and a library for converting 24/32-bit PNG images to paletted (8-bit) PNGs.

The conversion reduces file sizes significantly (often as much as 70%) and preserves …


A MySQL DECIMAL column is used when it is important to preserve exact precision. It takes two parameters, where precision is the total number of digits and scale the number of digit…

Rbenv won't compile REE 2011.03 properly on Ubuntu 12.04, failing with an error in

If you want to keep tcmalloc functionality, you can do it like this:

  1. Open `~/.rbenv/plugins/ru…

Great slide deck about various forms of refactorings.

You might sometimes use self to capture the context of this before it is destroyed by some function.

Unfortunately [self is also an alias for window](…

Henning Koch
3 months

We have released Modularity 2. It has many incompatible changes. See below for a script to migrate your applications automatically.

  1. There is no does me…
Henning Koch
3 months

In /etc/rc.local add:

service bluetooth stop

Always use simply

require 'spec_helper'

If you mix it up like

require 'spec_helper'
require File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/../spec_helper'
require File.dirname(__FILE__) + '/../.....

Our rspec_candy gem has a matcher that will compare Fixnums (integers), Floats and BigDecimals with each other:

deal.total_price.should be_same...

If you want to test that a certain text is contained within the document title of your page, you can do so using Selenium and a step such as

Then /^"(.*?)" should be shown in the document titl...
Christoph Beck
3 months

When you do something like this in your code:

def var_value
  @var ||= some_expensive_calculation

Be aware that it will run some_expensive_calculation every time you call v…

Icons Sizes for Windows, MacOS X, iOS, Android and Linux. It's a mess!

  • Give the table a style table-layout: fixed
  • Give the cells in the first row a width
  • The same width will be automatically used for following rows

Opal is a source to source ruby to javascript compiler, corelib and a runtime implementation that currently passes 3000 rubyspecs w/a reachable goal of passing them all.

Henning Koch
2 years

When you need to create a locale for a language variant (like Austrian for German), you probably don't want to duplicate your entire de.yml file only to change a few minor exceptions for our Aust…

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